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The interior of the polygon is sometimes called its body.

An n-gon is a polygon with n sides; for example, a triangle is a 3-gon.

The word "polygon" comes from Late Latin polygōnum (a noun), from Greek πολύγωνον (polygōnon/polugōnon), noun use of neuter of πολύγωνος (polygōnos/polugōnos, the masculine adjective), meaning "many-angled".

Individual polygons are named (and sometimes classified) according to the number of sides, combining a Greek-derived numerical prefix with the suffix -gon, e.g. The triangle, quadrilateral and nonagon are exceptions.

These and other generalizations of polygons are described below. The vertices must be ordered according to positive or negative orientation (counterclockwise or clockwise, respectively); if they are ordered negatively, the value given by the area formula will be negative but correct in absolute value, but when calculating If the polygon can be drawn on an equally spaced grid such that all its vertices are grid points, Pick's theorem gives a simple formula for the polygon's area based on the numbers of interior and boundary grid points: the former number plus one-half the latter number, minus 1.

In computer graphics, a polygon is a primitive used in modelling and rendering. Or, each vertex inside the square mesh connects four edges (lines).

We’ve discussed how much more rigid this map appears compared to previous periods.

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