Dirk nowitzki dating history

12-Nov-2017 13:46

She sat with his visiting father on at least one occasion, and Dirk's also met her mother from St. The two lovebirds became engaged this past New Year's Eve, a mere five months ago.It turns out, however, that she has a criminal past.An expensive engagement ring followed (over 0,000, she says, but he's got it), and the promise of a life together.There's home video shot in a happy love nest that seems to have seeded a junior Dirkster.Specifically, a conviction in Missouri for felony forgery, passing checks that were not hers, apparently.She was on probation when she moved to Texas and then failed to complete the process. Then, five years ago, she was charged with using a bad credit card for ,000 worth of dental work. Here's Dirk's: He meets her, dates her, she ultimately moves in with him for a long time, and now she's pregnant and he's letting her sit behind bars.

She's been living with him for the past year and a half.

The approach he's chosen is downright cruel to her, ultimately penny-wise and pound foolish for him. The hired gun's initial stab at legal advocacy was to call her a liar, claiming she wasn't given a pregnancy test in jail.

Ah, but it turns out she was given that test, and it came back positive. We don't know how much she told Dirk about herself.

In fact, he's her sole means of support, which isn't a strain since he makes million a year.

She's attended games, sitting in his personal seats.Those medical results, with virtually 100% accurate lab work by the county hospital, were officially released in late May. No word on when, precisely, a miscarriage was suffered during the ensuing months of incarceration.