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31-Oct-2017 01:45

I gotta say, though, that complaining about the cops is too much.Kids use the restrooms and shouldn't have grown men wagging their dicks around at the urinal.Vulnerable adolescents may be hot and horny, but they are still kids, and public restrooms shouldn't be the site of implicitly condoned seduction of them.I guess I find the idea of a rest stop hookup kind of hot in a taboo way, but then, I find crawling around on a public bathroom floor too yucky, and I don't have a thing for outdoor sex.

No matter when you pulled in to one, there would be guys there looking to play, many of them hot.

Well, judge all you want, but this used to be one of the ways men connected, and in isolated places that aren't gay-friendly, it still is one of the few outlets.

I did similar things at college, though not a hundred times.

Straight people do similar things in millions of small towns and even call it "cruising" but because it's boy/girl and happens in the back seats of cars (after they drive around in a circle for hours) it's OK.

Some men are wired to chase this, just as some straight men are wired to do the strip-bar and motel-by-the-hour thing. I *will* say that I am glad that the world no longer thinks this is what ALL gay men do. Taken as a group, we're as diverse, quirky and flawed as everyone else.[quote] I'm also surprised by all the puritanical Church ladies posting here.

I played it cool, as did he, but I had to shake my head, watching as the happy family walked away, and one of the kids reached up and took daddy's hand..same hand that, minutes before, had been on the back of my head. They are victims of society, biphobia, homophobia, and are repressed as a result.