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But school children often assumed the incorrect origin of the name.There are many sites listing the history of Crayola colors, including Crayola's own history page.

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Companies often use or "borrow" words from other languages to give their product names a certain cachet. German makers of knapsacks refer to them as "Body Bags". I use an interpreter from time to time, so I know how difficult the job is.

(Please search this page first.) Also if possible, please provide a reference with your submission.

Snopes, and other urban legends sites also have articles on some of these items.

The following Translator Mistake is reported on October 6, 2000 on the CBS News Web Site among other places. 60 Minutes' Mike Wallace, known for his tough interviewing style, drew a sharp rebute from Boris Yeltsin - thanks to a translator's error.

The confusion arose when Wallace asked Yeltsin if he had a "thin skin" when it came to public criticism, but the translation had Wallace describing Yeltsin as a "thick-skinned hippopotamus." Yeltsin was not amused.

" Thanks to KKWolf In 1988, the General Electric Company (GEC) and Plessey combined to create a new telecommunications giant.