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08-Oct-2017 11:33

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Lastly, when we see all of these numbers published about HIV/AIDS in Thailand and especially when the numbers concern women engaged in prostitution there is no distinction made between farang prostitution and Thai prostitution which may give misleading numbers.Just due to the sex education available to farangs back home they are far, far less likely to have sex without a condom than say a Thai army conscript who is losing his virginity in a brothel.Stick also warns that there are several girls who are well known to be HIV positive and are still working.If all of this is true; why isn’t there an AIDS/HIV epidemic in the farang community?But that doesn’t explain why large numbers of men aren’t simply dropping out of the Thailand scene never to be heard from again as their AIDS begins to take hold.Surely people would notice this trend and comment on it, no?

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We may never know the actual truth about what the infection rate is in farang sex venues.Nor does it explain why US, UK, other European, and Australian health officials aren’t sounding a loud bell warning the world about a large spike in cases from tourists recently returned from Thailand.I don’t mean to propose that people aren’t contracting HIV in Thailand.For that and many other reasons (such as better outreach programs and regular testing) I think it would be safe to assume that sex workers servicing Thai clients are much more likely to contract and spread HIV than those servicing farang customers.

So when you hear numbers being thrown around like “X% of Thai sex workers are HIV positive” it doesn’t necessarily mean that that X% of girls working on Soi Cowboy or Nana are HIV positive.

To make matters worse, studies carried out in rural areas reveal that only 50% of men who visit sex workers consistently use condoms.