Updating the samsung 5054

06-Sep-2017 04:29

updating the samsung 5054-47

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There are 3 models of S5 Logo booting, for example, if you want the booting logo of the G9006V booting logo, just simply transfer/send the files in G9006V- the XXXYYY folder to your sd card. Turn off your phone, and reinsert the sd card, start it up again, then the boot logo will be changed1.

when loading in scatter file, SP flash tool shows “some of the files are not chosen” 2.

I performed my wall modifications and replaced the unit, lifting from the sides and/or bottom.

After installation, I powered the television set on and there were three extremely thin vertical lines that were immediately noticeable. The lines start at the top of the screen and drop vertically 3", 3" and 10 inches respectively.

Printers that support Air Print might not need additional software. Some models are represented by the number of a model series.

If you need assistance or guidance, I’ve placed links for “how to do” tutorials and some guides can be found on the bottom of the page. This is the ROM section of the website, feel free to use the FW available here.